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Audra Ryan-Jones

Vice President, SBU Operations, XEROX

Audra Ryan-­‐Jones currently serves as Vice President of Operations for the Financial Services Sector Strategic Business Unit(SBU) where she and her team are responsible for Operational Excellence, Innovation, Revenue and Profit growth. Prior to this she led the Operations VP for Government and Select East Commercial Accounts. Ryan-­‐Jones also served as Go To Market Vice President, Public Sector and Retail in Xerox Global Document Outsourcing (GDO), Communication and Marketing Services (CMS) Line of Business (LOB). In that role, Ryan-­‐Jones led a team of managing principals and principals who are responsible for deal architecture and subject matter expertise around aligning Xerox technology and the CMS portfolio capabilities with client/contractual requirements. Ryan-­‐Jones experiences include Strategic Management, Business Development, Acquisitions/Integration, Strategic Outsourcing, Operational Excellence, Consulting, Sales Operations and Marketing. She has global expertise working with diverse businesses representing Financial Services, Retail, Business, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Government. Ryan-­‐Jones joined Xerox in 1995 as a Senior Consultant in the Document Consulting Group. She has held many senior management roles including Region Manager of Strategic Outsourcing, Special Assistant to the President of Xerox Global Services, and General Manager for the DC Metro Operation, and Business Services Director for the Mid-­‐Atlantic Public Sector Operations, and Managing Director for Delivery and Client Operations. She led the international team that revived and implemented the global strategy for the Document Outsourcing and Communication Services LOB. Ryan-­‐Jones was named VP in 2006 with responsibility for North America. In 2007 when the move to industry groups occurred, she took on the Healthcare and Public Sector Assignment. Since 2008, she has had responsibility for Retail and Public Sector. Ryan-Jones has earned nine Xerox President’s Awards Prior to Xerox, Ryan-­‐Jones was hired out of college to work for IBM. She progressed rapidly through their Systems Engineering and Management ranks where she managed increasingly complex, technology-­‐driven, customer requirements and associated contract and service delivery systems. Ryan-­‐Jones received 7 IBM Systems Engineering and Hundred Percent Clubs during her tenure at IBM. She was also selected to serve in the Middle East as a Technology Advisor to the Kuwait Air Force and Ministry of Defense. Ryan-­‐Jones earned her Bachelors of Business Administration from Temple University with honors and holds a Masters of Ryan-­‐Jones serves as President of the Board of Evangeline Ministries, a non-­‐profit organization that provides life skill training and job opportunities for women with HIV/Aids in Cape Town South Africa. She was recently appointed to the Northern Virginia Urban League Board and the Xerox Corporation Political Action Committee (XPAC) Board of Trustees. She is a certified Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt. Audra resides in Haymarket VA with her husband Walt and two sons Elliott and Jordan.

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