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Joann Black

Former Senior VP, Human Resources at Warner Bros. Studios Facilities

Joann Black, former Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Warner Bros. Studios Facilities, a division of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., A Time Warner company, retired December 2012, just short of 25 years with Warner Bros. Studio, considered one of the foremost motion picture and television production and post-production facilities in the world.

The last two and a half years were dedicated to supporting the building, staffing and management of a new 200-acre studio and Harry Potter Tour attraction outside of London. JoAnn lived in London for four months during the initial start up to facilitate the hiring of the core management team and assessment of operational needs. The hugely popular and successful Warner Bros. Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter opened in March 2011, and Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden opened June 2012.

JoAnn says the highlight of her career was being asked to go to London and being a key player in the building of this $100 million dollar company from scratch. Her just short of 40 years as a human resources professional includes a diverse business background that, in addition to entertainment, includes medical services with Cedar Sinai Medical Center; engineering and marine products development with Honeywell, Inc./Tetra Tech, Inc.; manufacturing of connectors and components with Thomas & Betts Corporation. She has provided the full range of human resource disciplines in a management/executive capacity, including labor/employee relations, employment selection and placement, management guidance, employee counseling, wage/salary/benefits administration, health/safety administration, training and development.

Having worked the last ten years as the only female on a eight-person senior executive team, if you asked JoAnn what she has learned, she would say: I have learned that timing is everything. I have learned that likability trumps most other assets. I have learned to value my voice, to not withhold it, to not waste it.

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