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Cristina Alfaro

Director, External Diversity Partnerships, McDonald's

Cristina is Director of External Diversity Partnerships on McDonald’s Global Inclusion and Intercultural Management team at McDonald’s. In this role, she is responsible for identifying, building and maintaining partnerships with key diversity organizations on behalf of McDonald’s.
She is charged with developing and executing strategies that create mutually beneficial collaboration opportunities between key stakeholder groups and the brand.

Cristina joined McDonald’s in 2006 to lead the development and implementation of all communications programming reaching the national Hispanic consumer market, including new product launches, promotions and brand trust initiatives. In that capacity she developed national communications programs to support brand trust and marketing calendar activities, worked closely in strengthening relationship with key national organizations, supported the activities of McDonald’s Hispanic owner/operator community; worked collaboratively with regional teams and employee networks and served as a company spokesperson at events and in media interviews.

She is a recipient of the McDonald’s President’s Award, the highest honor presented to by the corporation to the top one percent of staff employees globally.

Cristina came to McDonald’s after a successful career in the corporate and agency worlds where she devised and implemented marketing communications initiatives for major consumer brands and travel accounts.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Florida International University and lives in Chicago with her husband.

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