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Dani Monroe

President, Center Focus International, Inc.

Dani Monroe is president and founder of Center Focus International, Inc.(CFI), one of the top global diversity practices in the U.S., where she leads C-suite executives of Fortune 100 companies in global diversity, inclusion and organization effectiveness, favorably impacting their bottom lines, reputations, and business potential. CFI clients include: the Central Intelligence Agency, Experian, John Hancock, Hasbro, Houghton Mifflin Company, Pfizer, Raytheon, Shell America, State Street Corporation and the Walt Disney Company. Many have received numerous national awards and one has even received White House recognition for innovation.

Monroe was Senior Director of Global Diversity and Inclusion at the Pfizer Corporation. Her work there impacted the company’s 85,000 employees and thousands of people globally. In this highly visible global role, Monroe designed and facilitated strategies that integrated all components for diversity and inclusion – from metrics and accountability for senior leaders to leadership curriculum and inclusive work processes. Additionally, she developed and executed a global strategy on diversity education for senior leaders worldwide as well as a global women’s strategy - including advancing the international strategy for the development and promotion of women in emerging market areas.

In 2012, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, appointed Monroe to the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education and the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women.

She is the author of Untapped Talent: Unleashing the Power of the Hidden Workforce (Palgrave Macmillan, April 2013). Monroe holds her master’s degree in organizational development from Pepperdine University’s Graduate School of Business.

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