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Gerard Lupacchino

Senior Partner, Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Optimization Practice, Korn/Ferry International

Gerry Lupacchino is a Senior Partner in the Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Optimization practice for Korn/Ferry International, based in Boston and New York. Mr. Lupacchino joined Global Novations in 1994 and currently leads the consulting and business development teams. The group works with half of the Fortune 500, in virtually all markets. Global Novations brings over thirty-seven years of research, best practices, and expertise to their clients. Over the years, Mr. Lupacchino’s personal clients have included: HP, EDS, Microsoft, KPMG, Wal-mart, Pershing, UBS, the New York Times, Credit Suisse, Salvatore Ferragamo, Hermes, Bulgari, Bergdorf Goodman, LVMH, GE Healthcare, Bank of America, and others. His work has primarily focused on talent optimization strategies, including diversity, inclusion, engagement and performance management training, consulting, and coaching. He has consulted with and presented to clients throughout North America, Europe, and Asia on a variety of topics and initiatives. He presents frequently to industry conferences and the Conference Board on topics related to talent optimization. His interviews and comments have appeared in Fortune, the Wall Street Journal, Career Journal, Unity First, CNNMoney, and in articles and periodicals in the US, Asia, and South Africa. Mr. Lupacchino serves on the boards of several nonprofit organizations. Mr. Lupacchino holds a masters of business administration degree from the University of Hartford and has an advanced certification in human resources strategies from the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

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