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Jayne Hyun

Founder, Hyun Associates

Jane Hyun, Author of Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling, is a global leadership strategist and management consultant to Fortune 500 companies, schools, and professional associations. Prior to starting this consulting firm, she has held a variety of business and HR management roles, including Vice President of HR/Talent at JP Morgan, and Director of Recruiting at Deloitte & Touche and Resources Global. The firm’s signature programs (Bamboo Ceiling® Leadership Series/The Art of Cultural Fluency™ Roundtables) have received international acclaim from Fortune 500 companies, who seek to leverage today’s diverse talent pools to win in today’s global marketplace. She also serves as an advisor to senior management teams and diversity councils about their talent strategy.

Hyun & Associates’ clients range from small companies to large multinationals in financial services, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, consulting/professional services, technology, retail, nonprofit, and schools who seek to adopt next generation leadership practices.

Hyun appears regularly on media outlets such as CNN, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, NPR, Time, Fortune, and international media. A graduate of Cornell University with a degree in Economics/International Studies, she serves on the President’s Council of Cornell Women. She is an Advisor to the Toigo Foundation and the Task Force for Talent Innovation, which authored several recent Harvard Business Review studies, including Off Ramps/On-Ramps, Sin Fronteras, Bookend Generations, and The Sponsor Effect.

Her groundbreaking book, Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling released by HarperCollins, opened up a critical dialogue for the need for a culturally grounded career development approach. She has a passion for helping individuals realize their fullest potential in the workplace and their communities

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