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Judy Tomlinson

Founder of Avocsoft and CEO of FashionTEQ

Throughout her career in engineering, technical business development, and entrepreneurship, Judy Tomlinson has always had what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. She has been at the forefront of high tech innovation- and has started two companies that marry her entrepreneurial spirit with cutting edge technology. As the launch of her second company approaches, Judy is still full of ideas and passionate about combining creativity and vision with energy.

Currently, Judy is serving as CEO for FashionTEQ, her newest start-up endeavor. FashionTEQ is a fashion-forward, wearable technology company scheduled to launch on Kickstarter. FashionTEQ’s inaugural line of jewelry and accessories will combine high-tech with high-fashion, and will work in conjunction with current and future smartphone technology.

In addition to her role at FashionTEQ, Judy also serves as the Founder and Chief Creative Officer for AvocSoft, a company which focuses on the development of mobile applications featuring simple user interfaces and powerful straightforward functionality. Under her direction, AvocSoft has launched a variety of successful applications including “My Weekly Budget”, “My WB+” and “My Book of Clients”. “My Weekly Budget” has been ranked #1 in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand among finance apps in the Apple app store and has been in the Top 10 since December 2010.

Prior to starting FashionTEQ and AvocSoft, Judy worked as a Professional Engineer for the Idaho National Laboratory on key research projects in the utility and defense industries. She later made the transition to technical business development, leading her to join Hewlett Packard as a Field Engineer. From there she brought her expertise to several start-up companies before branching out on her own as a consultant.

Judy holds a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from California State University Northridge, where she received a prestigious Department of Energy Fellowship. She also received her Executive MBA from Chapman University.

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