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Patricia Cary

Advisory Risk Management Partner, Financial Risk Management Practice,KPMG

Patti is the Advisory Risk Management Partner for the Financial Risk Management (FRM) practice. She assumed the role in 2009 following her 17 years in the Structured Finance Group where she was the partner in charge of the practice. Patti has been with the Firm for over 30 years, and has experience serving a wide variety of client organizations in both Advisory and Audit. Patti has significant experience leading Advisory Services engagements in the financial services sector, focusing mainly in the area of Structured Finance. In her current role, Patti is responsible for mitigating the Firm’s professional and business risk and has oversight responsibility for the risk management function in the FRM practice. Additional responsibilities include assistance in developing firm policies and guidance on service methodologies, contracting, and monitoring compliance with Firm and professional standards. Prior to her role as Advisory Risk Management partner, Patti led the Structured Finance Group. She has been involved in thousands of asset-backed securitization transactions, for mortgage banks, banks, and other large financial entities, both domestic and international. Her responsibilities included overseeing a group of 150 professionals, generating $36 million in revenue. Patti has also served as the liaison partner between the FRM practice and the Federal practice. She has been instrumental in teaming up Audit and Advisory professionals in those areas in order to take advantage of large marketplace opportunities for clients such as the FDIC, Ginnie Mae, and the U.S. Treasury. Prior to joining the Structured Finance Group, Patti was part of the Washington, DC Audit practice focused on the audits of financial institutions. She also served audit clients in the non-profit, government, and commercial sectors.

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