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Paula Gough

District Engineer, Missouri Department of Transportation-Northeast District

Paula Gough has served as the Northeast District Engineer for the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) since May 2007. As District Engineer, Paula is responsible for managing all engineering and business functions for 17 counties, 4,500 miles of roadway, nearly 1,100 bridges, and 441 full-time employees. The Northeast District is one of seven Districts across the state. Over the past several years, Paula successfully implemented MoDOT’s radical down-sizing effort, including merging two Districts into one District. This effort greatly affected the employees and local communities, but Paula believes her empathy, courage, and faith allowed her to successfully implement the down-sizing, while staying focused on people and relationships.

Paula is a senior-level leader in a civil engineering organization and the majority of the work-force is male. She continues to focus on moving the organization forward as an employer of choice for a more diverse work-force. One of her greatest joys is the ability to provide continual learning and leadership development opportunities available to all levels of the work-force. She also takes great satisfaction in seeing road and bridge projects from idea to being driven on.

Paula graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia (Mizzou) with a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in May 1995. She is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Missouri. Paula has been married to a fellow engineer, Scott, for 18 years. Scott supports Paula’s career by being the primary care-giver of their four children as a work-from-home father. Paula’s greatest joy is being mother to her children: Emma, 13; Millie, 10; Kayl, 8; and Carson, 5.

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