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Sandy Harris

Corporate Director, Global Inclusion, Diversity & Engagement

Sandy Harris has been working with organizations to create diverse, inclusive & high performing work environments for over 25 years. Spanning five Fortune 500 companies and one international organizational development, training, and consulting firm, her progressively responsible experiences have led her to her current role as the Corporate Director of Global Inclusion, Diversity, & Engagement for Medtronic, Inc. In this capacity, she and her team develop comprehensive global strategies, systems, processes & programs to further Medtronic’s strategic global business aspirations. Prior to this, Sandy headed her own diversity consulting practice, served as Vice President of the Global Diversity Center of Excellence at Thomson Corporation and also worked at General Mills moving from HR Generalist to Recruiting Manager and then to the Manager of Workforce Diversity. Sandy has also worked for Cargill, Wilson Learning, Wang Laboratories & Xerox Corporation. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Virginia.

In addition to her career accomplishments, Sandy serves on the Steering Committee of the Twin Cities African American Leadership Forum and is an active contributor to their Education Committee. Sandy was a founding member on the Board of Directors for Honoring Women Worldwide and she also serves as a Steering Committee member of the Twin Cities Diversity Roundtable. Sandy recently was a member of the St. Thomas Multicultural Forum’s Program Selection Committee and currently serves on the YWCA It’s Time to Talk Race Steering Committee. Sandy has also shared her musical talents with the community by performing as an active vocalist for more than twenty years with the Grammy Award winning group, Sounds of Blackness.

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