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Dr. Shirley Davis

Chief Global Diversity & Inclusion Officer, SHRM

Dr. Davis is the “thought leader” on global workplace diversity issues and has successfully positioned SHRM as the leader in the diversity and inclusion field since joining SHRM in 2006. In less than five years, Dr. Davis-Sheppard led the efforts at SHRM to complete the largest U.S. based study on The Current State of Workplace Diversity Management, published in 2008, and the largest global study on diversity and inclusion practices, perception, and attitudes in 47 countries, published in 2009. In 2008 and again in 2010, she convened 100 global thought leaders from nine countries around the world to identify key challenges and innovative solutions for the changing global workforce. All of this research and thought leadership was translated into world-class products and services and professional development for its more than 260,000 members. It also provided the platform for the creation and impending launch of the first ever D & I American National standards of practice for the field through The American National Standards Institute (ANSI). In addition to her D&I role, in 2011 she was appointed to lead SHRM’s Workplace Flexibility initiative—a formalized partnership with the Families and Work Institute designed to position workflex practices and strategies as a business necessity to drive talent acquisition, engagement, and retention of great talent.

Dr. Davis travels across the country and internationally delivering keynotes, facilitating workshops, coaching business executives, government and military leaders, and academicians on the critical challenges and complexities associated with leading a global workforce. In 2008, she was named a Front Runner in Diversity by Profiles in Diversity Journal and in 2011and again in 2012 was named one of the Top 100 Corporate Executives in America by Uptown Professional. She was also named a “Woman Worth Watching” by Profiles in Diversity Journal in 2012.

She has more than 15 years of experience in Human Resources, Organizational & Leadership Development and Diversity Management. Shirley has worked at major Fortune 500 and 100 companies and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-Law, a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management, and a Ph.D. in Business Management and Leadership Development.

Shirley is very active in her church and community. She’s a former Miss District of Columbia, Ms. Oklahoma, Ms. Virginia, and in 2000 won the national title of Ms. American United States. She was married on 11-11-11 to Terrell Sheppard and resides in Maryland with their 3 children: Victoria, Brian, and Terra.

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