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Kim Strong

Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion

Kim Strong is responsible for developing strategies, initiating action and driving organizational change in support of the company’s diversity and inclusion priorities.

Kim began her career at Marshall Field’s, once a division of Target Corporation. She was promoted through multiple management positions over the years. In 2000, Kim was named Director of Human Resources for Mervyn’s, once a division of Target Corporation. In 2007, Kim was promoted to the position of Regional Vice President, Stores Human Resources, overseeing more than 70,000 team members in 13 states for Target Stores. In January 2011, Kim was promoted to Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion for Target.

She received her Bachelors of Business Administration from Howard University in Washington DC. Kim is currently a member of Executive Leadership Council, a national membership organization for African-American executives. In addition, Kim is a member of The Links Inc., an international women’s service organization. She has previously served as a member on the Board of Directors for Dallas Black Dance Theater and Dallas Theater Center.

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