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Audra Bohannon

Senior Partner, Korn/Ferry International

Audra Bohannon is a Senior Partner in the Diversity, Inclusion and Talent Optimization practice for Korn/Ferry International, based in the Boston office. Ms. Bohannon joins Korn/Ferry from Global Novations, where she has proved to be a strategic and inspirational leader for the business. “Lead life by design, not by default” is the message that audiences take away from a presentation led by Ms. Bohannon. Business leaders, affinity groups, conference attendees, and classroom participants who have experienced a speech, facilitated session, or workshop from Ms. Bohannon rave about the renewed sense of purpose and challenge she inspires in them.

A respected author, business consultant, leader, coach, and facilitator, Ms. Bohannon’s deep expertise in diversity and inclusion issues and how they impact and propel business performance makes her a sought-after speaker and teacher. She excels at connecting with and inspiring both large groups and individual contributors to move beyond reflection to learning and action.

Ms. Bohannon began her career in the retail sector, and her broad experience extends to the airline, banking, food service, financial, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, non- profit, and technology sectors.

She has written many articles and white papers and, along with Verna Ford, co- authored “Illuminating the Spirit: A Guided Journey.” Ms. Bohannon’s commitment to personal development extends to her community where she teaches EfficacyTM principles and leadership skills.

She sits on the human resources committee for the Big Sister Association of Greater Boston and has served on the board of directors for the Museum of Afro American History and served as the corporator for Emerson Hospital.

In 2008, Ms. Bohannon was named a Unity First “Visionary Woman of Excellence.” Ms. Bohannon holds a bachelor of science degree from Wayne State University.

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